Karen Schaffel

Open Studio Sale


Friday November 27 + Saturday November 28

From 1PM to 5PM


1753 Lucas Ave Ext
Cottekill, NY 12419
The end of the year is upon us and this year has been a fruitful  one for me and my artwork.   Listed below are two galleries  where I'll be showing my artwork this holiday season in addition to my studio where I make it all happen.
 Thanks to all of you who have been in my life and at my shows these past years. I am grateful for all the support, so stop by, have a nibble and a toast, and a casual look at some new and older pieces.


Rosendale Cafe Art Show

Opening Reception January 4, 4PM-6PM


As an artist, my early years were focused on the usual basics: drawing, painting, printmaking, and particularly etching. I loved the nature of etching, using materials to create the image by scratching and pushing the surface of the plates to form texture in addition to line and color. It is this playful use of medium that drew me first into collage, and as time went on, mixed media pieces.


Using non-traditional elements such as lace, glitter, and organic matter like leaves and


ART Foray December 11-12 at Mohonk Mountain House. Karen S. Schafel artwork exhibited along with other fine artists.Wired Gallery's ART Foray December 11-12 at the Mohonk Mountain House

Enjoy my artwork along with other fine artists and give the gift of original art by the artist this holiday season. Fine art at affordable prices for all. Admission to the beautiful Mohonk Mountain house is free during community week so, come on over and have some fun!

Karen Schaffel - CopperKaren Schaffel - Copper

Karen Schaffel is a native New Yorker who has been living and growing in the Hudson Valley for 16 years, where she draws her inspiration and subject matter. Her early years and education focused on drawing and painting before she fell in love with etching, which led her to study etching at Pratt University. She began to incorporate texture and layering into her painting through the use of collage, and now her work falls somewhere between painting and collage.

"I enjoy the dynamic tension between abstraction and the desire for form. For the same reason, the frames appear inside the paintings, as the image spills out, overwhelming the arbitrary limitation of the conventional container. My work starts with an idea generated by a moment, or a memory. I build materials in layers, with different elements peeping though the layers. As I work out the theme, the beauty of the materials, objects and paint take over the process of creation to arrive at the point where the everyday is extraordinary."