Karen Schaffel - CopperKaren Schaffel - Copper

Karen Schaffel is a native New Yorker who has been living and growing in the Hudson Valley for 16 years, where she draws her inspiration and subject matter. Her early years and education focused on drawing and painting before she fell in love with etching, which led her to study etching at Pratt University. She began to incorporate texture and layering into her painting through the use of collage, and now her work falls somewhere between painting and collage.


"I enjoy the dynamic tension between abstraction and the desire for form. For the same reason, the frames appear inside the paintings, as the image spills out, overwhelming the arbitrary limitation of the conventional container. My work starts with an idea generated by a moment, or a memory. I build materials in layers, with different elements peeping though the layers. As I work out the theme, the beauty of the materials, objects and paint take over the process of creation to arrive at the point where the everyday is extraordinary."