Rosendale Cafe Art Show

Opening Reception January 4, 4PM-6PM


As an artist, my early years were focused on the usual basics: drawing, painting, printmaking, and particularly etching. I loved the nature of etching, using materials to create the image by scratching and pushing the surface of the plates to form texture in addition to line and color. It is this playful use of medium that drew me first into collage, and as time went on, mixed media pieces.


Using non-traditional elements such as lace, glitter, and organic matter like leaves and Nori seaweed opened up this process to discovery and surprise. I attempt to push even the physical boundaries of my work, involving the frame as an extended canvas for the piece while incorporating the classical painting styles of layering and depth.


This show embodies a longtime love of walking and traveling in the Northeast, particularly my home in the Hudson Valley. More recently, I use my art to help focus and maintain a spirit that encompasses light and beauty. Creating these works takes me out of myself, the same way each vista can take a viewer out of her small internal realm. These works are meant to impart a sense of wonderment of the magnificence in everyday scenes, and the sense of joy in artistic creation.